As loyal stewards of our homeland’s fertile grasslands, Frigorifico Canelones S.A strives to implement regenerative, ethical production methods across all operations. Our cattle enjoy fresh air and low-stress lives on sustainable ranches prior to compassionate processing regulated for conservation.

Blending ancestral wisdom with next-generation technology

We enact progressive protocols like renewable energy facilities, eliminate waste, and nurture the terra rossa soil for future generations. Our promise is to produce the highest quality beef while safeguarding Uruguay’s spectacular landscapes and biodiversity through mindful, nurturing guardianship.

Ethical Landcare

Our ethos of nurturing the land guides us to enact careful, kind stewardship across all areas. We adhere to strict protocols ensuring our pasture-raised cattle enjoy nuzzled, low-stress lives until compassionate processing.

Diligent monitoring programs track progress in waste reduction, renewable energy use, responsible water management, and soil conservation—enabling us to continuously improve environmental footprints. Upholding the highest standards of animal welfare and biosecurity remains paramount. Technology integration allows more sustainable nutrition, herd health, and land revitalization supporting our progressive regenerative ranching.


As part of Minerva Foods' international portfolio focused on sustainability, Frigorifico Canelones leads environmental stewardship initiatives in Uruguay. We launched Planet Canelones last year encompassing progressive programs for conservation, emissions reductions, responsible water usage and no waste operations.

Our cattle are raised humanely on monitored grasslands cultivated through leading regenerative techniques promoting ecosystem and soil health.

We also oversee four photovoltaic solar panel facilities generating 80% of energy used at our main Melo complex.

Sustainability fosters environmental resilience, resource conservation, and long-term societal well-being. Our regenerative methods produce premium grass-fed beef while revitalizing native ecosystems through ethical action and transparency across the integrated supply chain.

Frigorífico Canelones S.A.

Innovating Regenerative Agriculture