Our operations span from sustainable cattle grazing on our own pastures to our advanced processing facilities designed to meet stringent global standards. Strict quality control and oversight continues through fabrication, precise dry aging methods and final export worldwide.

100% Heritage Angus and Hereford breeds

Our cattle are 100% Heritage Angus and Hereford breeds ideal for thriving on the terra rossa grasslands of northeast Uruguay.

This ancestry and environment produce beautifully marbled beef brimming with nutrients from our sustainable, pasture-based production methods. Our animals live low-stress, comfortable lives grazing on lush native grasses prior to compassionate processing.

At Frigorifico Canelones S.A we believe respect and trust between all partners in our supply chain are vital. That’s why we focus on building strong relationships, from the family farmers who meticulously raise our animals to the dedicated teams at our processing facilities and everyone beyond.

Sustainable Growth Journey

Our team members and integrated producers all share an unwavering commitment to quality while promoting transparency around our practices. We invest extensively into the latest sustainable technologies, advanced equipment, and continuous process improvements guided by animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

In 2017 Minerva acquired JBS Paraguay SA, Indústria Paraguaya Frigorifica SA, Frigorifico Canelones SA (made it a subsidiary of PUL) and JBS Argentina SA (renamed Swift Argentina SA), which includes nine slaughterhouses, one processed meat unit and one distribution center in Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina from JBS SA for USD 300m. The acquisition increased our slaughtering capacity such that within a few years, we upgraded capacity from 1,400 heads processed daily to over 3,000 heads.

Ethically raised

Hormone free

100% grassfed

Supplying quality beef products since 1987