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Frigorífico Canelones S.A - Frigorífico PUL •

Uruguay's largest, most reputable beef producer

Minerva Foods acquired Frigorífico Canelones as a PUL subsidiary.

Frigorífico Canelones S.A. operates a processing facility meeting international standards acquired in 2017 under Frigorífico PUL.


Supplying quality beef products since 1987

Frigorifico Canelones S.A is a subsidiary of PUL, a Minerva Foods company that runs a modern beef factory. Specializing in Angus beef, grass-fed on large farmlands. Halal and GACC certified, our products adhere to global standards. Recognized by MGAP, Uruguay as Factory number 8


Frigorifico Canelones S.A offers top-grade, globally recognized organic meats, ethically bred without hormones or GMOs. Our stringent standards ensure uniform size and quality, focusing on environmental responsibility. We provide customizable packaging for CNCA certified frozen products.

Indulge in exquisite flavors, where culinary mastery meets refined elegance.

Experience culinary excellence where timeless traditions meet modern innovation. Our dishes are crafted with care, offering a journey of flavors that captivate discerning palates.

Why choose our meat?

Beef grading

Our skilled meat technicians carefully evaluate each carcass. Only the finest quality beef receiving a grade of Angus or Hereford is approved.

Cattle rearing

We raise cattle on our own natural pastures prior to processing, where they graze on grass and roam freely. This ensures well-marbled, tender beef.

Halal certification

We adhere to strict Islamic guidelines for processing approved beef. Our methods are certified Halal, signifying the highest standards in animal care. An inspector oversees our full production

Cattle are rotated through meticulously managed pasture sections, preventing overgrazing. This allows grasses adequate regrowth time between grazing.

By replicating natural migration patterns, animals self-regulate their diet, choosing the most palatable, nutritious grasses in each section. Our grazing system promotes healthy rumen fermentation and optimal growth.

Our vertically integrated supply chain oversees the entire process from grazing to processing, dry aging, portioning and worldwide export. This guarantees exceptional flavor and tenderness from pasture to plate.

Our 100% grass-fed beef has higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and antioxidant enzymes compared to grain-fed. Grass-feeding enhances the nutritional profile.

Our integrated system strictly controls refrigeration, aging time and food safety procedures from livestock receiving through fabrication, packing and distribution worldwide

Our grass-fed Angus beef is hormone-free, pasture-raised for superior health, and fully traceable from farm to table for consistent quality.